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Vilnius - How to move around

Vilnius is provided with an efficient system of public transports, including buses, trolleys, funicular and minibus. The Old Town, however, is closed to traffic, so it can be easily visited on foot. We suggest to purchase the Vilnius City Card, a tourist card which entitles to unlimited use of the entire bus and trolley network. The card has a validity of 24 or 72 hours, respectively at the cost of 52 and 110 Litas (corresponding to 15 and 32 Euro). The card also gives access to several discounts and free admissions to museums, parks, restaurants, caf├ęs and other participating shops.

Trolley bus

Trolleybus are one of the most common public transports in Vilnius, something between a bus and a tram, moving on rubber wheels instead of tracks. Trolleys are limited to the area of the city centre and do not reach the suburban areas.


Buses are comfortable and frequent, though a bit packed during rush hours. There are public and private buses, recognizable from the colour.


Minibuses are private vehicles typically in use in the former Soviet Republics. Minibuses do not have regular stops, so you must hail to them in the street to get on the bus, and it is always up to you to ask when to get off. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver.


Given the urban and demographic development of Vilnius, the city couldn't go on without an underground line. In fact, the realization of the first 3 lines is currently in progress, which will connect the suburban areas more rapidly and easily.

Sleighs and carriages

Vilnius offers to tourists two alternative, original and romantic ways to visit the Old Town: in the warm summer days you can choose to make a trip on board of comfortable carriages, whereas in winter the sleighs drawn by horses will invite you to experience the cold charming Baltic winter.