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Vilnius - The Cathedral and the bell tower

The Cathedral lies on the homonymous square, with the Gediminas hill towering over it. This beautiful monument represents the heart of Vilnius. It was built in 1251 on the foundations of an ancient Pagan temple, to celebrate the King's conversion to Christianity. Some pagan statues were found on the site, and were taken to the Museum of History, where they are kept today. The cathedral was rebuilt many times during the course of its history, due to several destructions caused by wars and conflicts which marked the troubled history of the Baltic city.

Cattedrale di Vilnius

Today it is possible to visit the cathedral, which hosts inside the Baroque chapel of St Casimir, built in honour of the saint between 1623 and 1636. Beyond this, the cathedral hides other gems, like the 17th century pulpit, various paintings dated between the 15th and the 18th century, and the mysterious catacombs, which can be visited with a guided tour to be booked directly on place. Just outside the cathedral stands another beloved monument : the 57 m high Gediminas Tower, which last restoration dates back to the 19th century. Inside the tower is a museum.

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Vilnius - Cattedrale

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» The Cathedral and the bell tower

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» Television Tower

» Gedimina's Tower and funicular

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» The Gate of Dawn (1503-1522)

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