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Vilnius - The National Museum and the University

The first one plays host to the most complete collection of history of the nation, divided into 5 main subject areas: history, archaeology, numismatics, iconography and ethnography. All pieces exhibited are arranged in chronologic order, for a total of 800.000 items. The museum aims at the knowledge of the Country history and its people, through paintings, weapons, furnishings, coins, maps and old documents.

Museo Nazionale Vilnius

As for the University, its foundation dates back to 1579, and represents a fundamental moment for the cultural evolution of the Country. The university reached its maximum power between the XVII and XIX century. During the period of the Soviet occupation it was forcedly closed, but reopened when the Country obtained the independence.

Università di Vilnius

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What to see in Vilnius

» The Cathedral and the bell tower

» Pilies Street (Castle Street) and Gediminas Avenue

» The National Museum and the University

» Television Tower

» Gedimina's Tower and funicular

» The church of St. Anna

» The Gate of Dawn (1503-1522)

» Museum of the Victim of the Genocide