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Vilnius - Pilies Street and Gediminas Avenue

As every big European capital, Vilnius also has its main shopping street, which is Pilies Street, an open air shopping centre where people love to show up and stroll around. Situated between the Cathedral square and the Town hall square, this street is always packed up with tourists, local people, street artists and sellers of commodities.

Pilies Street Vilnius

If you want to breathe the authentic Lithuanian way of life, you must start from here, or from the "twin street" , Gediminas Avenue, where the majority of governmental and institutional buildings are concentrated, like the Parliament, the Court, the Embassies, the National Theatre, the Bank of Lithuania and the National Library. Built in 1836 to connect the old town with Žvėrynas Bridge, the street was named after the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Gediminas. In the evening this becomes a pedestrian area, closed to vehicles, and especially in summer it is a very pleasant place, where you can walk down, listen to some live music, and have a drink in the numerous pubs and cafés.

Gediminas Avenue Vilnius

What to see in Vilnius

» The Cathedral and the bell tower

» Pilies Street (Castle Street) and Gediminas Avenue

» The National Museum and the University

» Television Tower

» Gedimina's Tower and funicular

» The church of St. Anna

» The Gate of Dawn (1503-1522)

» Museum of the Victim of the Genocide